About Alexander Studies Online


Alexander Studies Online is an initiative of the Scientific Research Group of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.  The initiative is being progressed in collaboration with the international community of supporters and teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Our vision is to create an online platform and opportunities for publication that support the continuing development of disciplined inquiry within the international Alexander community, in turn helping deepen the understanding of the Alexander Technique both inside and outside the profession. 


The aims of the website itself can be summarised as follows:

  1. to provide a platform where people with a scientific and/or scholarly interest in all aspects of the Alexander Technique can exchange, information, ideas, experience and proposals
  2. to give impetus and support to research projects and other forms of disciplined inquiry relevant to the Alexander Technique
  3. to offer authors a place for pre-publication review of material destined to be published elsewhere
  4. to offer a channel for publication of original material, such as articles and reviews, relevant to the Alexander Technique
  5. to provide a resource hub, including indexes, bibliographies, link libraries etc that facilitate access to materials and resources relevant to the Alexander Technique
  6. to support the development of a culture within the Alexander community that values scientific and scholarly endeavour
  7. to demonstrate the commitment of the international Alexander community to scientific research and other forms of disciplined inquiry and build interest amongst a wider constituency of scholars and researchers.

"Alexander Technique"

In the context of Alexander Studies Online, "Alexander Technique" is conceived in its widest sense, including

  • as a psycho-physical process of the individual
  • as a social and historical phenomenon
  • as a pedagogical process.

Further details about the resources being developed and the projects being hosted can be found here.

Both the website and the organisational framework behind it are works in progress. As the international Alexander community supporting this development grows stronger,  we expect to see it become increasingly independent: in the meantime, we are very grateful to STAT and STAT's Scientific Research Group for initiating and supporting the venture.