Taxonomy term lists

This is a simple, alphetical list of taxonomy terms sorted by vocabulary. You can filter by vocabulary by selecting one or more of them. Use control- and shift-click for multiple selections Click a term to view a page of associated items. Currently, many terms do not have associated data.
Vocabulary Term Term description
Activities acrobatics, circus skills
Activities acting
Activities boxing
Activities child- and infant care
Activities climbing
Activities computer use (HCI)
Activities cycling
Activities dance and dancing
Activities decorative arts, architecture
Activities driving (vehicle)
Activities eating and drinking
Activities equestrianism
Activities everyday and work actvities
Activities fine art
Activities folding and bending
Activities golf
Activities gymnastics
Activities housework
Activities juggling
Activities lifting and carrying
Activities looking and seeing
Activities manual labour, craft activities
Activities martial arts (Eastern)
Activities meditation and prayer
Activities mountaineering
Activities musical performance generally
Activities operating machinery
Activities other somatic practices
Activities parlour games
Activities performing arts
Activities performing arts generally
Activities personal hygiene
Activities phone use
Activities Pilates
Activities playing keyboard instruments
Activities playing percussion instruments
Activities playing string instruments
Activities playing wind instruments
Activities reaching
Activities rowing
Activities running
Activities seeing and looking
Activities sexual activities
Activities singing
Activities sitting
Activities skiing
Activities sleeping
Activities speaking
Activities sports and fitness generally
Activities sports, fitness and leisure
Activities standing
Activities swimming
Activities tai chi, qi gong etc
Activities tennis
Activities visual arts
Activities vocal use generally - speaking and singing
Activities walking
Activities wearing shoes and clothes
Activities weight-lifting
Activities work activities generally