Bibliographic database overview


The ASO bibliography aims to provide references to works that will be of interest to scholars and researchers. 

Whilst the bibliography includes entries for material directly concerned with the Alexander Technique, it has an equally if not more important role in collecting together references to relevant non-AT material. This encourages engagement between the Alexander community and the wider world of science, scholarship and research. 

We welcome contributions to the Bibliography and will give support to contributors needing help with the technical aspects of creating bibliography entries.


The bibliography involves a single data type - "Library Items". But one library item can "own" another library item, creating a hierarchy. Most hierarchies only contain two levels, but there can be more. Some content will be free-standing and not within a hierarchy. Examples might be:

  • book->chapter
  • journal -> journal article
  • journal -> issue of journal -> journal article
  • book

Where one item owns other items it may be referred to as a "collection" or "publication".

Comments and reviews

Comments about individual entries in the bibliography are welcome. These might develop into a discussion between contributors on certain aspects of a particular publication or text, or might simply provide additional information about it, point to an external review etc.

We also welcome contributions in the form of fuller reviews or analyses.  In this case the the bibliography would contain a forward link to the relevant Article in the ASO Library.

Scope and limitations

The ASO bibliography is geared towards research and scholarship. For popular books on the Alexander Technique refer to the bibliography maintained on the Mouritz website.