Becoming a contributor



Contributors are people who have been granted the necessary website roles allowing them to:

  • comment on material in the ASO Digital Library
  • offer feedback to other authors via the various ASO commentary processes
  • contribute to debates in the online discussion forums. 

The development of a community of scholars - in the broad sense of the term "scholars" - is at the heart of the ASO vision.  We welcome people willing and able to contribute.

Selection criteria

Contributors would normally be expected to demonstrate

  1. knowledge and understanding relevant to the Alexander Technique
  2. the ability to express themselves clearly
  3. the ability to interpret and evaluate the ideas of others
  4. the ability to approach debate and critique in a positive spirit, supporting others and contributing to a constructive culture within the ASO community.

Contributors are not required to be Alexander teachers. Moreover, skill and experience as an Alexander teacher is not on its own a sufficient criterion, as ASO is primarily a channel for the written word. Similarly, skills of self-expression are not sufficient: the ability to engage critically and constructively with the expression of others is paramount.

Selection process

Accreditation as a Contributor is by decision of the Editor, who may consult others. The Editor's decision is final.

Possible routes to accreditation are

  1. by invitation of the Editor
  2. following a request of the individual concerned
  3. following a proposal by another Contributor.

The Editor will seek evidence that the candidate meets the selection criteria.  Individuals who meet criterion (1) and who also hold a further degree are likely to be considered pre-qualified as Contributors. However, it is important to emphasise that ASO is open to anyone who meets the criteria and academic qualifications are not a prerequisite.

Open Invitation

Individuals that subscribe to the aims of ASO and who believe that they meet the selection criteria are encouraged to put themselves forward for accreditation by emailing the Editor at

Peer reviewers

Peer reviewers would normally be drawn from amongst the most senior and experienced of the Contributors.  Whereas all Contributors may participate in the peer commentary process, peer reviewers are selected by invitation of the Editor.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct that all Contributors are required to observe can be found on the Standards for Authors page of the website.

Copyright and licensing

Contributors should be aware of the ASO Copyright and Licensing arrangements.

Elapse and withdrawal of accreditation

Status of policy

Policies around elapse and renewal of accreditation will be reviewed and refined in the light of experience. The working draft of our policy is as follows:

Elapse of accreditation

For the foreseeable future, we expect accreditation as a Contributor to continue indefinitely.  Should the participation in the website become more active, we may start to review accreditations. In principle, because accreditation allows access to restricted materials in the website's secure area for peer commentary, there is an expectation of a measure of active participation in the ASO project.

Withdrawal of accreditation

Accreditation will be withdrawn in the event of failure to comply with the Code of Conduct.