Noted in passing

This "noted in passing" page lists material on the world-wide web that is hopefully of interest, but is ultimately ephemeral.
For permanent resources on the web, refer to the Links Library; or, for serious articles and research of continuing interest, one of the other library listings.
Title Research Area Noted-in-passing type
Does Sharing of an Unpublished Thesis Create Enough Harm to Imprison Someone? research environment Blog post
Lies are fast, truth is slow - LSE blog post research environment Blog post
Announcing Unpaywall: unlocking #openaccess versions of paywalled research articles as you browse research environment Blog post
Annotations as peer review - discussion research environment Blog post
selfBACK Decision Support project for low back pain medicine Other
Edge Annual Question 2016 - significant recent science and its implications anthropology, biomechanics, cognitive science, consciousness studies, cultural studies, design, ergonomics, ethics, ethology, evolution, expert performance, fringe science, pseudoscience, history, medicine, neuroscience, phenomenology, philosophy, physical science and mathematics, physiology, psychology, research environment, sociology, somatics / somaesthetics, systems theories Book
Science in everyday language - space travel research environment Other
What is an academic journal? research environment Blog post
Why Hasn’t Scientific Publishing Been Disrupted Already? research environment Blog post
HighWire’s John Sack on Online Indexing of Scholarly Publications: Part 1, What We All Have Accomplished research environment Blog post
The Politics of Data: The rising prominence of a data-centric approach to scientific research research environment Blog post
Peer review week - a celebration research environment Blog post
Bad science fools millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss medicine Blog post
Feedback from the Society of Scholarly Publishing Annual Conference research environment Blog post
The Funambulist Papers Vol. 2 cultural studies, design, sociology, somatics / somaesthetics Book
Neurobabble makes nonsense brain 'science' more believable neuroscience, research environment News story
Thumbs Down for the Freemium Model? Researchers Reject Nature’s Fast Track Peer Review Experiment research environment Blog post
Fast and made to last: Academic blogs look to ensure long-term accessibility and stability of content. research environment Blog post