ASO Guidelines for Community Review: working draft


The community review process has now ended. 

The current version is downloadable from here.

If you have further comments please submit them to the editor.

As an experiment in community review (previously called peer commentary), ASO's own "working draft" of Guidelines for Community Review seems like a good place to start.

To contribute to the community review, send your comments to, preferably with a clear title.

This thread has been retitled as the terminology has changed from "peer commentary" to "community review" and a substantially updated version of the target article has been uploaded.

Please now (as of 16th June 2015) comment on the revised version of the target article. This is now the working draft in use.

The deadline for review has been changed yet again to accommodate the revised version.

Target readership: 
ASO Contributors
Review deadline: 
Friday, 31 July, 2015