About Search


Search facilities are currently in a primitive state, pending the involvement of a new developer to move this aspect of the website forwards.

Current search options include the following:

  • It is possible to retrieve content via the lists of content under the relevant main menu headings, e.g. Latest, Library Items, Link Libraries. These typically include sorting and filtering options to help you get closer to the content that might be of interest.
  • Under this Search menu, you can access a list of the tags in the structured vocabularies used to categorise material on the website.
  • A generic search box is available under this Search  menu. Because of the volume of data on the site you are strongly advised to use the Advanced Search option, select the content types you want to search, and/or use phrases rather than simple words like 'back'. Even so, the volume of content that might be returned indicates the need for more sophisticated mechanisms, relying more on the site's tagging (taxonomy) capabilities.