Copyright and licensing of ASO website materials


Default copyright statement

Unless otherwise stated, copyright of any materials incorporated in or published via this ASO website is retained by the Author(s) and may not be reproduced or copied without the express permission of the copyright holder[1] other than for the purposes of 'fair dealing'.

Default licence agreement

Unless otherwise agreed or stated[2], if you submit for publication via this ASO website any material for which you hold the copyright you are deemed to be granting an indefinite non-exclusive licence for that material to be published via ASO or any succesor in any form via any channel.

Copyright and licence in respect of website framework and static content

The website framework consists of the design concepts, menus, content types, fields, program code, html code, cascading style sheeets, themes, data listings and views, taxonomies and vocabularies, block content, email text, configuration settings and other such components or materials or settings that may be created or controlled via the administration interface of the website.

Static content includes text and images held in the Page content type of the website.

Unless otherwise agreed or stated[2] e.g. via formal written contracts or licences the website framework and static content are copyright to the creator(s) thereof and

  1. may not be reproduced or copied without the express or implied permission of the copyright holder[3] other than for the purposes of 'fair dealing'; and
  2. are provided by the creator for use copying and adaptation by STAT under a permanent non-revocable royalty- and cost-free non-transferable licence.[4] 


[1] 'express permission' may include an explicit licence agreement published with the material

[2] 'otherwise agreed or stated' would apply to materials submitted produced or provided under formal agreements

[3] 'express or implied permission' may include an explicit licence agreement, transfer of ownership/copyright under a contract, or an implicit licence under the GNU General Public Licence associated with Drupal.

[4] For the avoidance of doubt David Gibbens asserts his moral right to be recognised as the creator of such text design concepts menus content types fields data listings and views taxonomies and vocabularies block content email text and configuration settings as were not present at the time the website was developers Mitkom.